Visit like a local.
No planning. No limits.

For travellers who like to explore freely and avoid crowded tours.
A private city tour right in your pocket.

  • Go wherever you want

    Something got your curiosity? Just head over there, the narration will adapt. We'd love for you to get lost in the beauty.

  • Tailor your interests

    Fancy the arts? Love history? Or perhaps you're a food enthusiast? Let the app know and get your tour just the way you want it.

  • Ask about anything

    Ever been solo travelling and curious about something you see? Just ask in the app, and the narration will answer you.

  • Sync with a group

    Exploring with family or friends? Sync your feed with them and enjoy to the same narration together.

  • Pause and dive deeper

    Need a break? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Pause the tour and resume whenever you want.

  • Pick your voice

    Feel dramatic? Let Donald Trump's voice guide you through Venice or have David Attenborough narrate tales about Prague.

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How does it work?

Touring leverages generative AI, geolocation, 3D spatial information, speech synthesis and human-curated content to produce the world's most advanced real-time audio guiding system.

GenAI with a sprinkle of human content

Touring fetches facts and information from various online sources, then crafts a cohesive story using GPT4 and text-to-speech technologies.

Built for high-quality narrated tours

Touring uses geolocation to know where you are, and 3D maps to infer what you see. It avoids repetitive content and always offers something fresh.

Become an early adopter

Touring is still under active development. We would love for you to try out the current version and help us iterate and improve along the way.

Free Access

You will get immediate access to the current and any future version of the app. Free until public release.

Shape The Journey

Your ideas will matter. You will have a chance to tell us what you would like to see in the app.

Enjoy Discounts

As a thank-you token, we will provide you with discounts and priority support, even after public release.