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Frequently Asked Questions

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Everywhere in the world. As a rule of thumb, Touring works wherever Google Maps does. From the small town to the big city, Touring has you covered.

Most likely, yes! Stories are available in 30+ major languages.

To provide you with stories everywhere in the world, Touring actually creates them in real-time, when you discover a new place. Due to the extensive process we have designed to bring you the best stories, this might take up to 20 seconds.
However, we are constantly working on improving this process with respect to speed and quality.

Not at all! The entire pipeline to create the stories as well as the generation of the audio tracks is performed on our servers, so it does not rely on your data plan.
P.S. In the future, we might offer an offline mode, but for now, you need an internet connection to use Touring.

Yes! You can always consult the upcoming features in the "About Touring" page of your account section within the app.
Just to mention a few: Curated Explorations, Chat with Touring, Hands-free mode, and many more.

Still have a question? Contact us at gabs@touringapp.eu